Unforgotten, but Forgiven

Setelah 4 hari mencoba melupakan, ternyata tidak bisa lupa. Setiap hari ketemu, setiap hari melihat, meskipun setiap hari ujian sekolah juga masih bisa ngelihat dia…bikin semangat? Nggak juga. Tapi, kalo nggak lihat dia—wah, jadi nggak semangat, pikiran jadi nggak fokus (karena sibuk mengintai kemana perginya….).

Mungkin, melihatnya bukan untuk menyemangati diri sendiri, tapi menjaga kestabilan semangat dan menjaga titik fokus pikiran…(ada ya? Aneh banget…^^v)

Just a simple word to describe you
You are unforgotten but forgiven
How if I can’t forget you forever?
Will I be trapped in this ‘unspeakable love’ with you?
Will you realize my feeling and try to understand me?
If I could made time went back,
I would erased all my feelings, though I doubt to do it

I built your shadow in my mind
I saw your back as you left
Seeing your smile make me happy everytime
Even you did hurt me (but you did not realize it)
Just need a little time for me to blame what just happened and made me hurt
I can’t forget you, Can I?

Published by oktavianidewi

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