kejadian seminggu ini

Pertama kalinya aku ke puncak tidar tanpa kawalan orang tua dan pertama kalinya juga saya tersesat sampe wilayah yang namanya POHARIN (Pondok Harapan Indah) . Untungnya secara gak sengaja, saya ketemu ma Nuha,, Love you Nuha!! Without You, I’m losing!
Monitor ku ngadat! Hm,, untungnya selama 4 hari berturut-turut aku dapat pinjaman Laptop. Ehehe,, lumayan… yang satu AXIOO punya Ella, yang satunya Toshiba L300 punya Melly. Jadi makin pengen punya laptop :D. Semangadh! Ayo kerja, kerja!

Well, finally I heard good news from my KTM (Karya Tulis Mahasiswa). My team had to present it last Saturday, and we have passed it away. Hope everything gonna be OK! And hope for our lucks!

Today, I was hit by motorcycle which came from another side of me. I was not in wrong! He broke the sign from the police. Anyway, It hurt my foot, wew. I felt so bad this day. But I have to thank to the God, because I’m not getting a serious injury. Hehe.

I was deeply think about this, then I concluded that I found myself in introvert side! Is it different between introvert and minder? I don’t know, I think it will be the same. Anyway, sometimes I can’t explain about something in well formed. Huh. I have to increase my public speaking ability, and the most important thing is I have to improve my mindset about something, I don’t need to say ‘yes I know’, when I don’t know about something.

I have to prove to people that I can be her assistance in English lessons. Huehuehue. Friends, English is important for me. I have to study more about English, and by getting this precious position (as her assist) I can learn more about English. Hehehe. Keep spirit Wedh!

Well, being loved by someone who we don’t love—is something which is actually so damn. And now, I feel that! I don’t know how to react their love, hehehe, it’s sssoooo… mellow! It’s so not me! Anyway, I ever loved my classmates both in senior high school and college in different times, but both of them were not paid attention on me. Weird!

Friends, I ever wrote about my ‘Strive To Japan’ in this blog, you know, I’m Japan-addict in its culture and education! I’m honor their country as the most…. Everything for me. And by this mindset, I really want to go there someday. Well, I want to try my luck on Monbukagakusho this June perhaps… it’s my chance! And I believe that I can!

Being stupid is ssooo suck! So here, don’t be stupid friends! People always think! THINK! You are what you think!

Being underestimated/ humiliate by other people is breaking the rule of Human Rights! But, why people always humiliate every day? Do they don’t realize that by humiliate their friends, they just collect a hurts for themselves in the next time? They should realize that someday, God will ‘menurunkan’ his power to reveal the people who do humiliation.

Anyway, It’s my first post which use English as language! Hehehe. I’m not good enough in English, but I will try to practice it. I remembered what Cinta Laura said that actually some Indonesian people were good in thinking new ideas and logic ability, but what makes difference is Indonesian people can’t describe their idea in English way

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