In Reminding: Japan

People maybe said that I’m Japan addicted. Well, I think that is mostly true :D.

Japanese Comics and dramas took much attention of me when I’m in young age. Fortunately, my classmates seemed supported me to share information about those things. Every day we’ve talked about Japanese, started from comics, song (I like ‘First Love’ by Utada Hikaru at the first time, but now I like Ayumi Hamasaki’s), dramas, and it developed into Japanese language… we attracted together because it’s formed by the environment :D. In the first chance, I learned a little bit about Japanese language, and then in the second chance I dreamed about having live in Japan… Living in Japan? Not bad I think… I hope someday, I can achieve it.

Until this day, I can’t forget about those memories of ‘addicting Japanese’ with my friends. Well, friends may come and go, but still I remind those habits : reading comics, singing Japanese song, watching Japanese Drama, and little bit learning Japanese language.

Yeah, I remember a song (sang by Ayumi Hamasaki) that the lyrics said: “moshi mo futari hanashite’ta you na, unmei ga aru nara, doko ka de mata de aeru kara”

It means : Because if it’s fate like we said, Then we can meet again somewhere.

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