My TOEFL Score History

To pursue education abroad, having a proper TOEFL score is a must. Several scholarship programs require the applicants to have more than 550 PBT (in Indonesia usually known as ITP) TOEFL score.

I have learned english since my junior high school until senior high school. It was 6 years of learning english in school. Though my several years of study, my first TOEFL exam was below 500! My first TOEFL exam was 456 in 2008. Well it must be 560 I thought.

I took TOEFL preparation course in Kampung Inggris, Pare in 2010. Everyday the course started at 6 a.m to 8 a.m for listening, at 8 a.m to 10 a.m for reading, at 10 a.m to 12 a.m for grammar. It was non-stop drilling! I was taught about several tricky things to undergo TOEFL exam. Well, after 2 weeks of ‘drilling’, I got 510 for my TOEFL test, yeayy!

in 2011, I took TOEFL test again in IDP Malang (AZET Language Course, Jl. Galunggung). My first ITP TOEFL (my previous TOEFL test was the equivalent TOEFL Test) was 503. My score got worse :(. Then, I took TOEFL preparation (again) in CLC (Center Language Coruse) ITS Surabaya for 3 months in 2013 to increase my TOEFL score. It did. My ITP TOEFL score in January 2014 was 527. Yeah, indeed the score was increasing, but still below target. So I took ITP TOEFL test again in February, I felt I did better than my previous test in January. I was overthinking that my score will be more than 550 :D. But, again, I had to take ITP TOEFL test again next month. My TOEFL score was 547. It was 3 points below target.

I decided to take ITP TOEFL Test in CLC ITS Surabaya in the early of March. My work took much of my attention, so I did not prepare well for TOEFL test. As an alternative (if my TOEFL score didn’t reach 550 again), I registered TOEFL Test in Balai Bahasa UM for taking test in the end of March. I did my test as usual, I had accustomed to the type of TOEFL test, after several of taking TOEFL test. I read and listened carefully. I felt I had enaugh time finishing reading and grammar section, while previously I always felt lack of time. Two weeks after test, I called CLC ITS and was surprised that my score was 560! Yeayyy!

After getting proper TOEFL score, I felt soooo positive that I can overcome my next TOEFL test in the end of March in Balai Bahasa UM. I was not wrong! I got 573 for my ITP TOEFL score! Alhamdulillah. Well I learned that practices make perfect is absolutely TRUE! My next challenge is to overcome iBT TOEFL Test. Ganbatte!


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4 thoughts on “My TOEFL Score History

  1. How to manage your time on reading and grammar section? cos I always felt lack of time too. Do you have any tips and tricks?

  2. wah keren kak perjuangan tes toefl nya buat dapetin score yang sesuai targer. Pantesan saya belum daperin score impian saya, karena ternyata saya kurang berjuang ya ternyata hehe. makasih share nya kak

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