I write this in the middle of my hour break. What did I do recently?

  • I listened to Yiruma and Motohiro Hata albums all days. I thought the last day I updated my playlist was 1 months ago :).
  • I learned Japanese (again) and tried to memorize Hiragana and Katakana. I felt difficult memorizing those though.
  • I made my night long (and boring) trying to understand about QA. I searched related journals about QA and collected my best efforts to understand what did the journals said, but I always end it up with fall a sleep until the morning come.
  • I watched several Korean Dramas : The Master’s Sun, It’s Okay It’s Love, Three Musketeers. Also Japanese Doramas : School and Nodame Cantabile series.
  • I bought 2 novels : Sabtu Bersama Bapak by Adhitya Mulya and The Winner Stand Alone by Paulo Coelho.
  • I rarely open my blog. While I opened it I always change the themes :p.
  • I modified my codes a lot.
  • I am selected as fellow teacher in KelasInspirasi Jawa Timur. I feel so happy and wondering what material will I give them?
  • I’m completing application for Waseda and trying to request LPDP to issue my LoG before the application deadline in Waseda.
  • I killed time reading my news subscription in email from Groupon Disdus, Seth Godin and Medium.
  • I never finished my online class in Coursera. I recently join Data Mining class (if I’m not mistaken), but I didn’t continue it.
  • I did stalking on several friends, got jealous and hit the close button on the top-right :).
  • I spend my weekend in Malang often. I realize that I will leave my family in less than 10 months (oke, yang ini gw kepedean, but Amin).

What else?

Oh, men. Time is up.

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