Will you abandon the social media era?

Social media is so damn cool. I wonder, can we resist the social media in the future? Will social media be abandoned 10 or 20 years later? My life before social media era was normal, but now my life won’t be normal without social media. 
My research-topic-will-be is about social media mining. What I have asked in previous paragraph is my big question about my research. I am afraid 20 or 30 years later, social media will die and no one use it anymore. Then either my research or what I have learned about here will become useless.

But, I think, people will not leave social media easily. Some people may deactivate their facebook account, but still they have twitter, path or other social media accounts. They just change their place to be exist and recognize by other people. As well as moving to other mall in town coz the previous mall is so crowded ;). 

Don’t get me wrong. Social media and facebook is different. Facebook is kind of social media, the most known social media among the world. But social media is not only facebook. 

Social media shatters the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world. (Zafarani, 2014)

Social media will still alive as long as the internet exist. I should not be worry more about my research-topic-will-be, people may deactivate one of their social media account, but they can not abandon the social media era. Once you get connected, you can not find the way to disconnect easily. Stay alive social media era, so I can find the site I want to dig about :D.

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