Essential Apps for Smartphone


Nowadays smartphone becomes part of our life. It gives you world in your hand. It connects you to families, friends, and world. It brings you happiness from the game installed. But then you realize that smartphone controls your life and end up regretting how much time you’ve spent on smartphone. Smartphone become your world. To avoid that, I will give you a list of essential applications that recommended for smartphone:

  • Pocket. Pocket is an application to save a whole webpage (include picture and video) to your smartphone, hence we can access the offline webpages without internet connection. Pocket also available in pc as browser add-ons. Once we create an account in pocket and have pocket installed in either pc and smartphone, we can access our collected offline webpages from any installed devices. But recently, Evernote provides a new feature to save webpage content, it seems like Evernote want to compete Pocket and grab its potential markets. Just my two cents. Pocket is available for: android and ios.
  • Evernote. Evernote is an application to write notes anywhere. It is available for: android and ios. We have to create an account in Evernote. We can install Evernote in either laptop (windows, mac) or smartphone (android, ios) and synchronize all of our notes from any installed devices.
  • Money manager. As its name, Money Manages is an application to keep track on your daily expenses. We have to write our daily expense everyday though, it is not that hard as you try to write it in daily basis. Now, I always keep any payment receipts in a day and I write it in Money Manager application. It just become a habit. This application is available for: android
  • ClearLock. I realize that I am social-media addict, whenever I have free time I ALWAYS check social media notifications. I got it irritating after all. Then I found this great application: ClearLock. This application will lock any selected application for sometime based on your consideration. ClearLock is the best application among any other control application. This application is free, but you can’t set the ‘lock schedule’ on the free version, otherwise you have to pay only 210 JPY (≈21.000 IDR) to get the full version application. Believe me, it is worth to have it is installed in your smartphone. This application is available for android.
  • My Prayer. Among any Muslim prayer reminders, this application is the best. It is free, light and less advertisement. This application is available for android.
  • Water Your Body. In each day, we have to drink enough water to keep our metabolism run well. This application gives you hourly reminder to drink water as target that you’ve set. This application is available for android.
  • 30 Day Fit. This application gives you simple exercise schedule for 30 days. A simple sequence of exercise like having different combination of squat, push up and sit up in 30 days. This application is only available for android.
  • Memrise. Memrise is useful application for learning languages. I learn and memorize new kanji blocks for N5 JLPT in Memrise. You have to download the contents to use it offline, otherwise you can connect it to internet. Memrise provides any languages to learn, there are more than 500 language supports available in Memrise. This app is available for: android and ios (not sure)

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