Taoyuan Airport at a Glance

Daripada nganggur dan hanya disimpan di draft, saya publish pengalaman saya transit selama 24++ jam di Taoyuan Airport di bulan Agustus tahun 2015.

In this summer vacation, I decided to go back to Indonesia instead of staying and exploring Japan. I planned to go to Fuji Mountain this summer, but I cancelled it because of the summer heat that I might couldn’t afford. So, I ordered flight ticket back to Indonesia from Orbitz. I got a round trip ticket from Fukuoka to Kuala Lumpur only 359 USD (about 45.178 JPY) but I had to transfer flight in Taipei (Taoyuan Airport) for 21 hours.


What the hell should I do? Chill man, thank you Google, I found out the free half day tour provided by the airport for passengers who transit more than 8 hours. I would enjoy Taipei then.

I departed from Fukuoka Airport at 10.10 AM JST and arrived in Terminal 1 Gate A9 Taoyuan Airport at 11.30 AM Taiwan time (one hour behind Japan), so it took 2 hours 20 minutes flight from Fukuoka Airport to Taoyuan Airport. I need 1 hour to reach the transit gate and find out where the money exchange was. I exchanged USD to TND (Taiwan New Dollars). I decided to bring USD because USD has stable (high) rate and accepted everywhere (since I will visit three countries with different currencies: Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia :p).

Unfortunately, I missed the schedule for the half day tour around Taiwan. The last registration time is 13.00 in Terminal 1. I didn’t want to go anywhere outside the airport because I was afraid of getting lost here moreover it was so windy outside, I had no option. My friend said to me to stay in airport as well because there would be typhoon Soudelor in Taiwan. Last month, in 2-3 days, I experienced Nanka Typhoon in Kitakyushu. Typhoon everywhere! Soudelor typhoon was very bad. It stroke the city badly than the Nanka typhoon in Japan last month. Many flights were cancelled and delayed due to the Soudelor typhoon. My flight should be at 8.00 AM but it is delayed till 8.00 PM, 12 hours more delay time! It was sooo bad but I have no option.

To kill my boredom, I walked around Taoyuan Airport. There were 2 terminals and 4 gates (A, B, C, D) here. Terminal A was in terminal 1 and Terminal B, C, D is in Terminal 2. Both terminals were for either domestic or international flights. This airport has four floors.

In the 2nd floor was the waiting room for the passengers during the boarding time. There were many vending machines and toilets there.

We could find full of stores and restaurants, relaxation rooms (blind massage and free massage), prayer rooms as well on the 3rd floor. Your kids bored of waiting the long-hours transit and delay time? Don’t worry, there was a kid’s playground in the 3rd floor.

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I passed through the terminal 1 to terminal 2. Terminal 2 has various rooms with interesting design, let’s say: Art Exhibition/Gallery Room. In Terminal 2, we could find thematic design for each boarding gate. I didn’t take picture for gate D1 and D2, since both have the so-so design. Gate D7 and D8 are best of all (compared to gate A1-A9 and D1-D8).

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The library opened from 11.00 AM till 11.00 PM. You can enjoy books in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean translation. Many of the English books are old collection book. Did you notice a book shelf in a TW shape? Yess!! TW for Taiwan, I didn’t notice it when I took the picture. I realised it when I looked it for the second time. It is cool.

We can use the computer and internet access here for free, no time limit. You can borrow earphone by showing your boarding pass to the service staff as well.
So homey. Feels like home. But, the book collections are not updated.

The 4th floor had an open top cover, we could feel the typhoon wind. There are VIP lounge for each airline, transit hotel, foodcourt there were Starbucks, MOS burger, and Taiwanese restaurant. My friend said that there were restaurant that sell Halal certified food, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I just simply ordered vegetarian menu.

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